El Patio Bar and Grill  on Cornville Rd. in McGuireville… The BEST Mexican restaurant for miles around.

Area Dining


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Nikki’s Grill  -  For a quick biscuits and gravy  country breakfast, stop  in McGuireville just off the I-17 Exit 293.  

Robbie’s Grill - The place for pizza in Rimrock on Beaver Creek Road​

Cricket's Dessert & Sandwich Shop is the local favorite for a hot delicious breakfast and daily fresh baked homemade pastries and pies.  Conveniently located within walking distance across from the Beaver Creek Inn in the village square.

Beaver Creek hosts independent family owned non-fast food restaurants.  Nothing fancy, just good food, at a good price, prepared and  served by good folk.  

Play in Verde Valley ~ ~ Stay in Beaver Creek

Famous for their mouth watering Bear Claws and Cinnamon Buns